H2H Soap Partners with Osana - All Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap

H2H Soap Partners with Osana - All Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap


Osana and H2H soap have the common mission to see preventable diseases eradicated, and we are excited about partnering together to make this a reality. We both believe that all people deserve to have equal access to lifesaving solutions, including a simple bar of soap. The most exciting part is that both companies are interested in doing more than just giving away soap. Osana and H2H desire to work together to create sustainable change, empower local communities, and create life changing opportunities for people all over the world.


Osana is a natural mosquito repellent soap and alternative to toxic and unpleasant bug sprays. Osana benefits the body by promoting healthy skin, and providing natural protection for mosquito bites. You simply wash with the bar of soap for all day protection.

Model - Osana is passionate about ending preventable deaths caused by malaria and sanitation based illnesses.


The number one goal of Osana is to help as many people as possible, in any way they can. At the moment, this looks like partnering with incredible organizations that are working in malaria stricken and poverty filled places, and donating their soap for them to distribute within the community. For every box of Osana purchased, they donate 1 bar to one of our partners working in countries of need.

Here in the States, they want to provide natural mosquito protection in an easy, non-toxic way as well as spread the word about the millions of people and children dying everyday from preventable diseases. We do this by providing each customer the opportunity to “follow their soap” so they can see where it is going and the impact it is making in different parts of the world. Their packaging also explains our mission as well as how people can get involved in ending preventable deaths.


Osana’s Mission

Osana is also very aware of when helping hurts. Our goal is to contribute to the healing, growth, and development of communities rather than provide a quick solution with no lasting impact. This is why they have developed a three phase approach. This approach not only provides protection, it also provides job, and empowers the local economy.

Phase 1: Immediate Relief
Provide immediate relief and prevention through their soap in villages in third world countries suffering from malaria and sanitation based illnesses. They do this by partnering with individuals that that already have established humanitarian and non profit organizations in poverty and malaria stricken places all over the world.

Phase 2: Education
Leverage the relationships they have built through the soap to provide education and educational material for self awareness and prevention. Osana is aware that prevention is key. It is their mission to provide communities with life saving information that they can apply and share with their family and friends.

Phase 3: Self Sustainability
Bring the manufacturing of the mosquito repellant soap production into these villages to help promote economy and self sustainability. Simply donating soap is not enough. Osana knows they need to empower communities and give them the resources they need to be self sustainable and successful in the long run. It is their goal to provide these resources that will create jobs, as well as malaria prevention tools.

Uganda Journal Entry: Lexi

Uganda Journal Entry: Lexi

I’ve always thought that I was aware of other people’s struggles; that I felt compassion for those who had less than I did, therefore I believed I was grateful for everything I had. After spending time in Uganda, I realized I didn’t have any comprehension of the struggle some people live with their entire life, and I had no idea how blessed I was with the life I had been given. The only way to honestly sum up my experience is to call it a much needed slap in the face.

From my past four years living in Las Vegas, poverty was something I thought I knew. Everyday you see homeless people standing on the side of the road begging for money, but I didn’t know it could get any lower than that until I arrived in Jinja, Uganda. Children ran everywhere with tattered clothing, shoes many sizes too small, babies completely naked, and my heart ran away with them. What shocked me the most was the lack, or sometimes complete absence, of hygiene. The people of these villages are so poor they can’t afford soap, which means they only use water to rinse their hands off after using the restroom. In the United States we would consider that extremely unsanitary. It’s simply not part of their culture to use soap, and when they have an opportunity to, their excitement is comparable to well off kids living in the suburbs of America on Christmas morning. The amount of appreciation shows on their face clear as day.

My heart has never hurt to the extent that it did while traveling in Uganda, but it was the most humbling experience I’ll probably ever have. I can’t show how grateful I am for Health 2 Humanity allowing me to accompany them on this trip. It taught me what it truly feels like to be blessed with a life of abundance, and the importance of creating an awareness of good hygiene around the world. I’ll never look at a bar of soap the same ever again.