Join our Fight Against Giving and help us develop our entrepreneurs by subsidizing the work they do until they can create sustainability! Each month we subsidize $500 to each location simply to allow our international partners to focus solely on sustainability, community development, and the future of their newly founded businesses.

$15.00   Honest Days Work!

$50.00   Couldn't Do It Without You!

$100.00   You Believe In Me!

$500.00   You're Making A Difference!

$1000.00   Together We Are Changing The World!

Hygiene Development

We want to enable our partners to support their community through hygiene education and donation. Every dollar donated will lead to over TWELVE bars of soap donated over the next ten years. We aren't simply focused on today, we are focused on tomorrow in our #NoMoreDirtyHands movement.

$10.00   Hygiene Means Something-125 BARS

$50.00   Hygiene Means Everything-625 BARS

$100.00   Don't Just Give; Teach-1,250 BARS

$250.00   Don't Just Teach; Empower-3125 BARS

$500.00   Don't Just Empower; Inspire-6,250 BARS

$1000.00   You Just Sponsored A New Product-12,500 BARS

$10000.00   You Just Sponsored A New Location-125,000 BARS

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