Our Mission

Health to Humanity exists to see preventable diseases eradicated. We believe that all people deserve to have equal access to lifesaving solutions. However, we think we can do more than just give soap.  Through the development of entrepreneurs in low-hygiene countries, we will not only see hygienic disparities addressed, but we will create a sustainable future without dependency. Call us dreamers, but we can’t help but believe in the capability and resilience of people in these countries to join in the fight for their health and hope. 

Our Vision

We want to see jobs created, skills developed, and #NoMoreDirtyHands in our "Fight Against Giving." Health to Humanity Global aims to see entrepreneurs developed around the world in order to give all people equal hygienic and career opportunities. Through the implementation of these sustainable hygienic programs, we will see the presence of preventable diseases diminish. 

Core Values


Internal- We value the health of our employees. We have healthy relationships within our team and with our partners.

External- We strive to increase the living standards of people in developing countries and believe that everyone should have equal health opportunities. 


Internal- We never stop growing and learning as individuals, as a team, and as a company. 

External- We understand the responsibility that we have to this world, the people in it, and the the materials it provides. We seek to create much more than we consume and develop the gifts in others so that they can do the same. 


Internal- We are self-starters, we follow through, and do work that will outlast us. 

External- We want to give without creating dependency.  We give opportunity, education, and direction to a developing world to create a sustainable world.  

Strength & Humility

Internal- We allow the strengths of others to complement our weaknesses and we see the value in each other's contributions.  We continue to learn and develop while standing firm in our values.  We seek to serve each other and lead without arrogance.

External- We lift up those who work with us and elevate their value. We respond to and learn from challenges.


Internal- We have the best people work with us and bring excellence into every aspect of our work.

External- Everything aspect of what we do and produce is done well and thoroughly.