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john cefalU, FOUNDER

John has been traveling around the world setting up H2H locations since he was a freshman at Chapman University. His work with committed entrepreneurs around the world has given him a broad vision for how he sees the world of business. John was unhappy with many aspects of traditional charity work, so he created Health 2 Humanity Global to start our “fight against giving”. John’s story started with his passion for the people that he ran into on his first mission trip to Kenya in 2012, and this passion is still the driving force behind the work we do today!


cori maass, BRanding & Marketing

After traveling to Cambodia in 2015, Cori saw the need for hygienic solutions in developing countries.  She believes that we can all use what is in our hands to create change and is passionate about equipping others to do so. For her, that means using creativity, strategy, and relationships to address the needs of others both locally and globally.

At any given time, Cori may be in another corner of the world, getting too excited about good design, or finding new trails to hike.




Kianna came to Chapman University with a plan to coordinate her passions of business entrepreneurship and global service, which became realized through her introduction to H2H her freshman year. Since then, Kianna has been fulfilling the role of H2H's Chief Communications Officer, traveling abroad to study in South Africa and connecting with similar businesses to partner with H2H to pursue the empowerment of others.



hEZRON nJERI, International AID

Hezron has grown into an incredible asset to the Health 2 Humanity Global team, and he is an expert at implementing H2H locations! Between his soap making prowess, and his ability to adapt quickly to new cultures and thrive within the business setting, Hezron has worked his way up from a location manager to being in charge of the entire implementation program. From orphan to college grad, college grad to unemployed, unemployed to business owner, and business owner to being in charge of an incredible charitable campaign, Hezron will continue to beat the odds and become a leader in the world of sustainable charity work!



Phil McCrea

Phil McCrea.jpg

Phil has many years of experience with nonprofit boards and has extensively helped with the outreach of engaging donors, working at events and fundraisers, and managing relationships. Phil received his education at Santa Ana College, and went on to run a title insurance company, and has an extensive background in sales and entrepreneurship.

Antonio Giraldi

Antonio Giraldi.jpg

Antonio is the Chief International Officer of Culver Academy and has an extensive background in fundraising and nonprofit networking/engagement. Antonio travels around the world in the hopes of developing relationships with potential donors and students, and has the logistical experience with international enterprises to bring a wealth of expertise to Health 2 Humanity Global.

Gordon McWilliam

Gordon McWilliam.jpg

Gordon has spent most of his career either as an entrepreneur or working for/with them. Learning from experience at Apple and Dell Computer as well as the school of hard knocks with several of his own businesses, he’s had many successes and a few “learning opportunities”.  Along the way, Gordon acquired a great deal of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t and it has become his passion to share that knowledge and experience with others.