1.4 million deaths can be prevented each year by handwashing with soap

Diarrhea and pneumonia, two of the three leading killers of children under the age of five can be prevented by good hygiene and clean water.  Pneumonia can be prevented by handwashing and proper hygiene. Diarrhea is caused by lack of sanitation and can be avoided by maintaining healthy cleaning habits. With improved personal hygiene and sanitation practices, thousands of lives can be saved.

"Children under five who wash with soap can reduce their risk of pneumonia by 46%"
"Handwashing with soap can reduce diarrhea morbidity by 44%"
"The World Bank has estimated that hygiene is the most cost-effective health intervention available"
"Handwashing by birth attendants before delivery reduces mortality rates by 19%"

On his first trip to Kenya 2012, our founder was astounded to see the multitude of problems that were caused by lack of proper hygiene. Not only does it affect individuals in the common sense in terms of illness and overall wellbeing, but it also affects their ability to participate in daily life. Children are oftentimes turned away from school if they do not meet a certain health standard. They must have no tattered clothes, proper shoes, and meet a certain hygiene requirement. With this knowledge, how can we sit back and watch children be turned away from school when the underlying cause is so easily preventable? With the implementation of simple handwashing, laundry practices, disinfectants, and general hygiene education, we can work to ensure that no child is ever turned away from school again. With our #NoMoreDirtyHands movement, we can make sure that soap is something that no child goes without.